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The Outer Worlds: Spacer's Choice Edition Review

Everybody loves a good western RPG and with the release of The Outer Worlds, made by the developers who also created the widely underappreciated Fallout New Vegas, I was more than ready to dive in. It seemed only fair that after playing for a bit, I should take a break and let it slip into my backlog. Now, with the current gen version of The Outer Worlds, I'm right back at the top of the list again.

From the start, The Outer Worlds established a midpoint between taking big risks and managing to avoid falling flat on its face. Sure, the writing is great but the game failed to really dig deep into the corporate dystopia it set up, really just playing it too safe to really make an impact. That said, Obsidian’s expertise with the genre produced a proficient RPG here, if not particularly breathtaking. I, however, feel differently; to me, The Outer Worlds is an awesome game for numerous reasons.

This is, in part, because of Xbox's best acquisition: Obsidian. Their skill with narrative design and depth is evident throughout The Outer Worlds. Not all dialogue exchanges have a huge impact, but it's still a thrilling experience. You enter The Outer Worlds as a colonist who had been about to embark on a journey in a space-faring ship called The Hope. This was intended to be a new era in space exploration, but something went wrong and the ship was left untended as you and many others were put in cryo-sleep. With the help of Phineas Wells, your lone character wakes up and starts on a mission to save the rest of the passengers.

Graphics & Performance

If you're lucky enough to have this version running on your current gen console (I'm playing on a Playstation 5), you will surely appreciate the visuals. The Halcyon system looks stunning in 4K and HDR, popping with color and a fantastic blend of Fallout and Borderlands in terms of art style. It doesn't always work, as some elements become a little too grey and/or foggy in appearance, so do remember to adjust your brightness. Fortunately, character models look gorgeous, with great animations and well-crafted close-ups when you encounter different characters.

What might give you trouble is the performance; you have a choice between 'Performance' and 'Cinematic' mode. Performance delivers a much smoother frame rate but resolution drops a little; Cinematic mode has a lower frame rate but resolution is higher. Personally, I found that Performance mode ran the cleanest but even then, I still noticed a few stutters when moving the camera or running. This is likely due to detail loading - but on the plus side, since the SSDs behind the current gen systems, loading times are practically non-existent.

Great FPS Style Combat

The combat in The Outer Worlds is a mix of tactical, fast-paced action that combines with the narrative focus to create an intense and enjoyable experience. Although it is easy to slip into a rhythm of hacking and slashing, taking the time to slow down and focus on individual encounters provides some added strategy and entertainment. The game’s vast selection of weapons and abilities allows players to craft their own style of play, from focusing on stealth to all-out assault. This level of variety makes for a refreshing and challenging gameplay experience.

Voice Acting is On Point!

Another highlight of the Spacer’s Choice Edition is the voice acting, which is superb. Every character’s lines come across as believable and authentic, making it easier for players to connect with them and absorb the narrative. Even with characters that are largely robots or aliens, the voice actors do an excellent job of finding the right cadence and pronunciation to bring life to these characters.

Semi Open World

The Outer Worlds also shines in its level design, incorporating elements of good exploration without becoming too overwhelming. Each area provides a unique feel and allows the player to explore and discover different secrets and items. The use of verticality and enclosed areas adds a sense of exploration that works well with the game's theme of space exploration.

The companion system in The Outer Worlds also helps to make the game enjoyable. It’s easy to customize each companion’s set of skills, which adds to the level of variation and creates an interesting dynamic when building a team. Additionally, the companions aren’t just limited to combat, they can also provide helpful advice and insight into the world.

Crazy Customisations

Finally, the character creation system in The Outer Worlds offers plenty of freedom for customization. From changing physical appearances to attributes and specialties, this feature allows players to really hone their chosen character. The range of options ensures that each adventurer is unique and can be tailored to the player’s style.

Final Thoughts

Overall, The Outer Worlds- Spacer’s Choice Edition is a great RPG that should not be overlooked. With its solid writing, engaging combat, and fantastic visuals, this is an experience that will please gamers for hours. Despite some of the technical issues that come with playing on modern consoles, The Outer Worlds stands as a testament to Obsidian’s adamant pursuit of a unique and thrilling western RPG. Fans of the genre will be happy to know that this one is a must-play.

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