Ranking The Best Octopath Traveler 2 Characters to Start With

Ranking The Best Octopath Traveler 2 Characters to Start With

In Octopath Traveler 2, gamers can choose one of the eight protagonists to embark on their journey with. Finding out which among them is the best choice requires some consideration. Each of the stories make use of the specific capability and actions of the characters that can create a distinct experience depending on the order they are chosen. To make it easier for players to decide who should be their opening character, here's an analysis of how the characters rank in terms of usability.

8 Partitio, The Merchant

The Merchant boasts great capabilities in business. He can buy goods during the day, and hire help for night. This can provide speedier access of items and availment of certain benefits like having additional members in combat or establishing rapport with distributors to get discounts on merchandise.
Nevertheless, Partitio's special talents become useless if there isn't an ample budget to employ them. Therefore, it is suggested to wait before embracing him until resources become more plentiful.

7 Agnea, The Dancer

Agnea is capable of rallying assistance and bolstering allies. She can appeal to NPC to make allies in battles throughout the day, and solicit them at night to obtain items.

Though Agnea appears to be an advantageous asset, her role as a supplement renders her less competent when alone. To take full advantage of her skillset, it is recommended to gather a couple of members with offensive characteristics to gain maximum benefit from her reinforcement.

6 Osvald, The Scholar

Osvald can cause much damage with his skills which can be used to uncover weaknesses at the start of a battle. By day, he can discern NPCs to get information, and mug them to get items during night.

Despite his admirable powers, Osvald may not be a great pick for the opening character. His strategies require substantial SP which might not be available in the early stages. His physical ability is also weak if not fuelled by SP, hence it is recommended to assemble a full party prior to selecting him.

5 Temenos, The Cleric

Temenos has an effective healing performance and can get extra help by soliciting NPCs. He can recruit them for war by day, and challenge them to get details at night.

Temenos may be helpful, especially in dungeons with tough challenges. However, his unimpressive aptitude for action and weak battle capacity lead to the conclusion that it is better to select another character other than him for the beginning. He will be more useful when accompanied by other members.

4 Ochette, The Hunter

Ochette can hire creatures and make use of them in combat. On top of that, she can turn excess monsters into food like jerky which can in some cases be used a substitute currency.

By taking command of creatures, Ochette runs the risk of being a career-changing addition to a team. Her capacity to land blows to weaknesses that cannot be reached through her own ability makes her an enticing starting character.

3 Castti, The Apothecary

Castti is a master of mixes, who can give out medicines that bring curative effects and inflict debuffs on opponents. At day, she can investigate NPCs, and put them to sleep at night through soothe.

Having the Concoct capability, Castti is a highly versatile character. Not only she is great in melee combat with her axe, but she can heal and rid of illnesses as well. She can also deal with elemental weaknesses. Such diversity warrants Castti to be a good choice for starters and her Concoct strategies are easy to discover and inexpensive to buy.

2 Hikari, The Warrior

Hikari involves a special talent that permits him to battle NPCs and learn new skills from them. Furthermore, he can bribe NPCs for information during night time.

This allows Hikari to increase his moveset beyond what his job allows, even granting him access to elemental weaknesses. In addition, his sturdiness and strength enable him to survive solo without a group to assist.

1 Throné, The Thief

Throné is the thief of Octopath Traveler 2 and no doubt the most appealing character to start with. With her capacity to steal items from NPCs, she can possibly acquire useful pieces for survival. Daytime would offer her to Pilfer for items, and by night, she can Conscript NPCs for their possessions.

Her pilfering abilities are particularly noteworthy. It provides an edge against critical scenarios, making her a strong contender as the opening character.


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