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The Best Ways to Earn Bells in Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is a delightful video game that has captured the hearts of many players around the world. One of the primary goals of the game is to earn bells, the in-game currency that allows players to purchase items, upgrade their homes, and build their islands. However, earning bells can sometimes be a bit challenging, especially for new players. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best ways to earn bells in Animal Crossing.

How do you get bells fast in Animal Crossing?

Sell Items

The easiest way to earn bells in Animal Crossing is by selling items that you don't need. Every item in the game has a value, and you can sell them at Nook's Cranny or the Nookling stores. You can sell fruits, fish, bugs, shells, and other items that you find on your island or during your travels to other islands.

Collect Resources

Another way to earn bells in Animal Crossing is by collecting resources like wood, iron, and stones. You can use these resources to craft items, which you can sell or use to decorate your island. You can collect these resources by chopping trees, hitting rocks, and digging up fossils.

Participate in Events

Animal Crossing often hosts seasonal events like fishing tournaments, bug-catching competitions, and treasure hunts. These events usually reward players with special items or bells for completing tasks. Keep an eye out for these events on your island or on other players' islands.

Sell Fossils

Fossils are a great way to earn bells in Animal Crossing. You can find them by digging up random spots on your island or by visiting other islands. Once you've collected a complete set, you can sell them to Blathers at the museum for a high price.

Sell Turnips

Turnips are a special item that players can purchase from Daisy Mae every Sunday. The price of turnips fluctuates throughout the week, and players can sell them for a profit if they buy them at a low price and sell them when the price is high.

Trade with Other Players

Animal Crossing allows players to visit each other's islands and trade items. You can sell items to other players or trade items that you don't need for bells. You can also participate in turnip trading with other players to make a profit.

Visit the Money Rock

The money rock is a special rock on your island that rewards you with bells when you hit it with a shovel. You can find the money rock once a day, and you can get up to 16,100 bells in one go.

Sell Sea Creatures

With the introduction of swimming and diving in the game, players can now catch sea creatures and sell them for bells. You can catch sea creatures by swimming in the ocean or diving in the water. Some sea creatures are worth more bells than others, so be sure to check their value before selling them.

Participate in the Stalk Market

The Stalk Market is another way to make a profit in Animal Crossing. Every Sunday, a character named Joan will visit your island and sell turnips. The price of turnips will vary throughout the week, and you can sell them for a higher price if you're patient enough to wait for the right time. You can also check with other players to see if their islands have better prices for turnips.

Use the Turnip Calculator

The Turnip Calculator is a tool that helps players predict the turnip prices for the week. By using the calculator, you can determine the best day to sell your turnips and maximize your profits.

Complete Daily Tasks

Every day, Tom Nook and Isabelle will give you daily tasks that you can complete for rewards. These rewards can include bells, items, or even Nook Miles, which you can use to purchase special items or upgrades for your island.

Sell Non-Native Fruits

If your island has fruit trees that aren't native to your island, you can sell those fruits for a higher price than your native fruits. You can also visit other players' islands to sell your fruits for a higher price.

What sells for the most bells?

Different items sell for different amounts of bells. Here are some of the items that sell for the most bells:

Golden Tools - Each golden tool can be sold for 10,000 bells.

Large Fish and Bugs - Larger fish and bugs are generally worth more bells than smaller ones. For example, the Coelacanth can be sold for 15,000 bells, and the Giant Stag beetle can be sold for 10,000 bells.

Fossils - Fossils can be sold for a high price, especially if you have a complete set. Some complete sets can be sold for over 1 million bells.

Turnips - Turnips are a great way to make a profit, especially if you buy them at a low price and sell them for a higher price later in the week. Turnips can be sold for up to 600 bells each.

Sea Creatures - Sea creatures that are harder to catch are generally worth more bells. For example, the Gigas Giant Clam can be sold for 15,000 bells, and the Vampire Squid can be sold for 10,000 bells.

Non-Native Fruits - If your island has non-native fruits, you can sell them for a higher price than your native fruits. Each non-native fruit can be sold for 500 bells.

Rare DIY Recipes - Some DIY recipes are rarer than others and can be sold for a high price. For example, the Ironwood Kitchenette recipe can be sold for over 100,000 bells.

There are many ways to earn bells in Animal Crossing, and players can choose the methods that work best for them. Whether it's selling items, participating in events, or using the Stalk Market, players can earn bells and build their dream island. So go out there, explore, and have fun! We love Animal Crossing so much we made a tee inspired by Tom Nook.

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