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Unlock The Secrets Of Fallout: Ranking The Best Side Quests Across The Franchise

When it comes to video games, the side quests often take center stage. Whether it's the stories, options, or rewards, the most memorable experiences are nestled inside of Fallout's expansive side quests. In an effort to rank the best of these, we've gathered up the top ten Fallout side quests from all five games in the series for fans to revisit.

10 I Forgot To Remember To Forget: Fallout - New Vegas

Leading off our list is the companion Craig Boone's quest, "I Forgot to Remember to Forget," from Fallout: New Vegas. Focused on character development and redemption, players will help Boone confront his past as a former recon sniper at Bitter Springs Massacre and gain closure. With its strong narrative and themes, this side mission proves to be one of the most memorable.

9 Beat Francis At Arm Wrestling: Fallout 2

Despite its age, Fallout 2 still has several hidden gems to uncover. One such gem is Francis, the Super Mutant found in the Broken Hills bar, who challenges the player to an arm wrestling contest. Those familiar with the game will know the outcome if successful, but a high level of Strength and Endurance are required to even stand a chance against Francis.

8 Come Fly With Me: Fallout - New Vegas

Players may be surprised to find this quest early in the game when first playing Fallout: New Vegas. Manny Vargas will offer information about Benny in exchange for clearing out the REPCONN facility of ghouls. As the player progresses, they'll learn that the task is much more complicated than initially implied. This quest requires making some difficult decisions and offers some darkly humorous moments.

7 The Secret Of Cabot House: Fallout 4

Fallout 4 takes the action back East and throws in a few interesting characters with interesting stories to tell. The Cabot family in particular possess immortality thanks to a serum derived from their patriarch, Lorenzo, trapped beneath the Parsons State Insane Asylum. This quest allows players to make a moral decision to either free Lorenzo or help Jack Cabot murder his deranged father.

6 Oasis: Fallout 3

Harold from Fallout 1 and 2 returns in Fallout 3. In this quest, Harold will ask someone to fulfill his wish of putting an end to his life. Compassionate players may struggle with this choice while more callous players will jump at the opportunity. Either way, it's a quest that will linger in the mind of the player long after finishing.

5 The Silver Shroud: Fallout 4

One of the more enjoyable side quests in Fallout 4 is "The Silver Shroud," which lets the protagonist roleplay a fictional pre-war vigilante. Players can choose how in-depth they want to get into the character by speaking and acting like the real Silver Shroud. It's a refreshing option that showcases just how much personality Fallout 4 has.

4 Agatha's Song: Fallout 3

In a world so fraught with danger, it's always any to brighten someone's day. This is what Agatha's quest involves in Fallout 3. After finding Agatha, she'll give the player her broken radio and task them with replacing parts of it across the wasteland. Along the way, the player will get to know Agatha and ultimately bring overjoyed when it's complete.

3 Return To Sender: Fallout - New Vegas

Throughout Fallout: New Vegas, players stumble upon several unmarked locations. However, none are as strange as what's found at the REPCONN Test Site. Inside, the player will find a few robots as well as a cloaked figure and a mysterious note. Investigating further will unleash a horde of powerful robots upon the player and require them to fend them off in order to escape. Check out our Black Mountain Radio t shirt here!

2 Talon Company Mercs: Fallout 3

Playing a bit of detective can be rewarding, such is the case with Fallout 3's Talon Company Mercs quest. After hearing chatter of Talon Company attacking Megaton, the player is tasked with exploring the area for clues. After piecing together the puzzle, the player will uncover a plan to attack a remote settlement and ultimately save it from destruction.

1 Blood Ties: Fallout 4

Topping off our list is the first quest available in Fallout 4. Upon arriving at Vault 111, players will awaken centuries later and start their journey of discovering what happened to their son. Upon arriving at the family home in Sanctuary Hills, the player will uncover a mystery involving the Children of Atom, a synth, and their missing son. It's an intriguing story that provides an emotional roller coaster while introducing the player to the world of Fallout 4.

For veterans of the Fallout franchise, these side quests will no doubt be familiar. Fallout 4 side quests in particular are marked by their compelling storylines, interesting characters, and moral choices that help to make the Wasteland come alive. So if looking for something new or just wanting to reminisce, these are the side quests that should not be overlooked.

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