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Exploring Link's Evolution Across The Legend of Zelda Series

As a world renowned and beloved franchise, The Legend of Zelda has kept its fans captivated for decades. Link is an iconic character that many of us have grown up with, and as the series has developed we have seen him change in many ways. From reincarnation to a more defined appearance, let’s explore the ways Link has changed across the series.

First thing’s first, Link is a master of reincarnation. Throughout the original game released in 1986, following the pixelated figure that we now know as Link, there have been several sequels. Link is technically a different person in each entry, as he is reincarnated by spirit. This physical change explains his ever-evolving look between games, as the Link we now view in Breath of the Wild looks a lot different than what we saw in 1986.

While Link may be a silent protagonist, his personality and motive still changes throughout the series. Despite not being able to communicate via dialogue, Link’s facial expressions allow us to understand his emotions. As the video game technology advances, we are able to see his reactions more clearly, thus giving him a bit more personality. Moreover, Link’s motives are no longer just “save the kingdom, save Zelda”. His goals have become more complex, and are often featured in the games as a result of childhood friendships or even love.

Link is also considered the chosen one throughout The Legend of Zelda series. In the original game, Link was sent on his mission after saving Impa from Ganon’s henchmen, but there was no real importance placed upon him until later games. For example, in Ocarina of Time, the Great Deku Tree tells Link he is the only one capable of stopping Ganon, and gives him the Spiritual Stone of the Forest. This is what enables Link to become the chosen one in each game.

As the series progresses, Link is seen maturing both physically and mentally. With the more recent games, Link appears much older than just a young child, as he is often seen as a teenager or even an adult. For example, In Twilight Princess, Link is a teenager living in Ordon Village, but must quickly grow up as he travels around in order to save the kingdom.

Throughout the series, Link’s appearance has stayed relatively similar, with only slight changes from game to game. Many of us can close our eyes and instantly envision Link; his iconic green outfit, pointy elf-like ears, and golden hair. We often do not think about a Link from the 90s, as his features have solidified with time.

From reincarnation to a more mature Link, we can see how the Legend of Zelda series has allowed us to witness the ways Link has developed throughout the years. While some things stay constant such as his silent demeanor, his personality and goals have become increasingly complex. As the graphics improve, so too does Link’s defined and noteworthy appearance. It's clear to see how The Legend Of Zelda- 6 Ways Link Changes Across The Series has kept fans gripped for decades!

As Link matures, he has access to better weapons and tools which allows him to navigate his world with ease. In the original Legend of Zelda game, Link had only a wooden sword and shield, but by the time Ocarina of Time had been released, Link had access to the famous Master Sword and a magic ocarina. Both of these items allowed Link to traverse the world more quickly and allowed him to use time magic to defeat enemies.

One of the most impressive changes in Link is the fact that he can now use his magical items in clever ways. For example, in Twilight Princess, Link is able to use his items to create specific actions such as using his bow and arrow to light torches or manipulate objects in the environment. This newfound ability to use items in combination with objects has become integral in many of the adventures that Link has taken part in.

Another change to the character of Link has been his willingness to talk to other people. While Link is still largely silent, there are moments in the games where he speaks to other characters and expresses himself in ways that can change the outcomes of certain events. In some games, we also hear Link’s voice narrating throughout, giving us even more insight into who he is.

Link has not only changed physically but also mentally. Throughout the series, we can see Link’s growth in terms of his combat abilities and knowledge. He goes from a mere boy to a powerful knight capable of defeating any threat, and his understanding of the world around him is ever-evolving.

The Legend of Zelda franchise has also included a larger narrative surrounding Link and his actions. In some of the later entries in the series, Link’s backstory is fleshed out and revealed to be much more than just a hero sent out to save Hyrule. Instead, Link’s character is shown to have been inextricably linked with Hyrule and its people since the beginning and his actions have a much bigger impact on the land and its inhabitants.

We also see Link’s growth attached to a moral compass and sense of justice that differs from past iterations. In one of the latest installments of the series, Breath of the Wild, Link is seen as a protector of the natural world and makes decisions based on what he believes is right, rather than blindly following orders.

Is Every Link the Same Person?

Throughout the different entries in the series, Link is constantly changing in terms of his physicality, mental capabilities, and personal ideology. As the games evolve, so does our hero, allowing us to form an even stronger connection with the beloved character that has become such an important part of the gaming industry.

The most recent entry in the Legend of Zelda series, Breath of the Wild, marks yet another step forward for the character of Link. His design and style have been drastically changed and upgraded to a modern-looking version that pay homage to the original character while being updated for today’s gamer. Furthermore, changes in the way that items and combat works further highlight Link’s evolution as a character.

Link has also managed to stay relevant through different mediums. We now see comics, movies, merchandise, and even stage plays that feature Link and Hyrule. This means that Link’s story and character have been fleshed out even further and his transformation can now be seen in other mediums outside the games.

Finally, there always seems to be something new for Link to explore and something more to learn about the character. Each new game in the series presents fans with new challenges, places to explore, and secrets to discover. The Legend of Zelda continues to be an exciting journey for both its characters and fans, and Link’s changes and evolution over the years are a testament to the growth of this beloved franchise.

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