Wo Long - Fallen Dynasty Game Review

Wo Long - Fallen Dynasty Game Review

Wo Long- Fallen Dynasty has been released, and many critics are considering it another hit from Team Ninja's successful soulslike series. After the success of Nioh 2, the studio has looked to replicate that same feeling with a change in their combat system. Wo Long offers the fast-paced action, punishing yet rewarding difficulty, and customizable builds players are accustomed to, but with a shift in style towards the Three Kingdoms era of Chinese history and the parry system of games like Sekiro.

A nameless warrior is thrust into the supernatural battle for an elixir of immortality between warring kingdoms, teaming up with a host of historically significant characters along the way. It's here where the game struggles to tell a memorable story and create likable characters, as they come and go at such a fast pace that it can be hard to make an impact on the narrative.

Fortunately, where Wo Long shines brightest is the in-game combat. It's a puzzle in itself; requiring quick thinking if you expect to make it past the first major boss. Taking cues from Sekiro, players must time their deflections carefully in order to protect their Spirit meter, as well as block regular attacks. This leniency allows for some risk-reward options with the resource, as Spirit can be spent on spells, special abilities, and Spirit attacks. Enemies are smart pattern wise, mixing up their rhythm to catch out unprepared players.

Wo Long's combat is intense and thrilling once it all clicks, though this is paired with the same familiar issues of Team Ninja's other soulslike games. Occasionally, the loot system can feel a little fiddly and the story still struggles to make an impression. But these minor annoyances are nothing compared to the thrill of mastering Wo Long's combat system, making it a great addition to the genre.

The visuals of Wo Long are both beautiful and haunting. Taking cues from Chinese mythology, every environment has its own unique atmosphere, as if it was pulled straight from the classic Chinese novels. The character design is equal parts elegant and menacing, with each outfit and hairstyle from the Three Kingdoms era crafted in fine detail. Even the background details such as colored banners, thunderous cloud effects, and misty forests immerse the player into the world.

The weapons and loot system involves players combining items to create new, more powerful pieces of equipment. This also allows for some customization options in terms of attributes and stats. It’s a great way to get a unique look and feel for your character and can be quite rewarding when you find a combination that fits your playstyle.

Wo Long allows for a high level of difficulty adjustment which makes it suitable for all kinds of players. Depending on the chosen difficulty, enemies will have different attack patterns and health pools, thus making it easier or harder to take them down. There are also different enemy types to contend with and these add an extra layer of strategy to combat.

In addition to regular enemies, there are also bosses scattered throughout the game, with each one possessing their own unique set of abilities and attacks. While they may look intimidating, they possess weaknesses waiting to be exploited by the nameless warrior. As with the rest of the game, each boss battle will test the skill and reflexes of the player and make for some intense action.

The game also features a variety of side missions that provide further challenges for players. These can range from simple fetch quests to completing objectives within a certain time frame. Not only do these side missions provide extra rewards, but they can also help the player hone their skills and learn the ins and outs of combat.

Throughout the journey, there are also various shrines scattered across the world. In order to progress, the player must visit these shrines and pay homage to the gods. Doing so will grant the player special blessings, providing invaluable boosts against tougher adversaries.

Wo Long also features a progression system in which players can assign points to their skills and upgrade their characters as they see fit. This opens up greater possibilities for customizing the character and even provides the potential to specialize in specific roles such as ranged or magic.

Finally, Wo Long boasts an impressive soundtrack. Composed by Hiroki Kikuta, it contains many memorable tracks which manage to convey the tension and chaos of battle in perfect harmony. It stands tall amongst other soulslikes and helps to keep the player engaged and motivated throughout the journey.

In conclusion, Wo Long- Fallen Dynasty is an excellent addition to the soulslike genre. With its intense combat, varied loot system, and expansive world, there’s plenty to keep players coming back for more. And with its focus on Chinese history, it offers something entirely unique that could become a classic in its own right.


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