A Review of PlayStation VR 2 – The Best VR Gaming Experience To Date

A Review of PlayStation VR 2 – The Best VR Gaming Experience To Date

Sony’s PlayStation VR2 is an amazing gaming experience for PS5 owners, but its price and library still have room for improvement. Olivia Jackson talks us through what sets this piece of tech apart from other headsets.

The Pros and Cons of PlayStation VR 2

PlayStation VR 2 is definitely worth investing in. It has a vivid, high-res OLED display, is comfortable to wear, offers excellent controllers with realistic vibrations, and has tremendous graphics potential. Unfortunately, it is expensive, needs to be cabled to the PS5, the included earbuds are just okay, it doesn’t work with the old PSVR games, and the game library lacks exclusive titles.

Getting Started with the PSVR 2

The PSVR 2 was designed for the next decade, so if you’re expecting something similar to the Quest, you’ll be disappointed. This cabled headset needs to be plugged into a PS5 console to work. However, despite the tether, it still offers the best home VR experience available today.

The images it offers are vivid and clear, thanks to OLED displays, and the controllers come with force-feedback triggers and vibrate realistically. Plus, the headset itself is comfortable, even when worn with glasses.

The Unboxing Experience

Once you open up the package, you’ll find controllers, headphones, and an extra USB-C-to-A cable. Installation is straightforward, much simpler than what the original PSVR offered.

Thoughts on the Headset

The one downside to the PSVR 2 is that it runs on a cable, which is not ideal. That being said, the cable is long (4.5 meters, or 14.7 feet) and should cover most rooms. The headset tightens to your head with a single knob and the front visor slides in and out to meet your eyes. The eyepiece is wide and the rubber gasket around it is too, making this the best glasses-friendly VR headset on the market.

The Highs and Lows of the PSVR 2

Ultimately, the PlayStation VR 2 does for games what I had hoped the work-focused Oculus Quest 3 and HP Reverb G2 would do. Games look unbelievably detailed and the headset fits comfortably.

The downsides are that it’s expensive, it needs to be plugged in, the earbuds aren't all that great, it won't work with older PSVR games, and its library needs more titles.

Final Thoughts

The PlayStation VR 2 is the best luxury home VR system on the market right now. Though it needs to be tethered, it brings the best visuals, incredible controllers with real-world vibrations, and the comfort of being able to wear your glasses while playing. If you have the money to invest in both the headset and the PS5, it’s an excellent choice.


Meet Olivia Jackson

Olivia is a freelance writer and editor who focuses on the video game industry. With a passion for RPGs and open-world games, Olivia writes in-depth reviews and guides for the latest releases. She has a degree in journalism and has contributed to several major gaming publications!

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