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Enter The Depths Of Fear: Dead Space - 20 Most Terrifying Moments In The Remake

At its core, Dead Space is an edge of your seat horror game that players traverse with fear through the depths of a malfunctioning intergalactic ship called the USG Ishimura. Dead Space Necromorphs are necrotic reanimated alien monsters, Isaac Clarke and his fellow crew must face at every turn. This remake has some of the most terrifying moments from the original game, we'll be covering the 20 most harrowing in this article.

Some material contains mentions of self-harm and gore.

The Leviathan Boss Battle

The redesigned Leviathan boss battle in the dead space remake is a sight to behold. This giant beast is illuminated by beams of light in a zero gravity chamber, filled with the floating bodies of fallen Ishimura crewmates. It will swipe at you midair from all angles, jumping out to scare you throughout the fight.

The First Brute's Entrance

Of all the horrifying Necromorphs you encounter, the Brute makes its first uneasy entrance when you try to exit the Bridge after getting authorized by Hammond. With a volcanic temperament, the door starts forming dents as the mountainous figure of the Brute violently bursts through.

The ICU Murder-Suicide

The NPC interactions in the Ishimura can be gruesome, none more so than the murder-suicide in the ICU section. A nurse commits a disturbing act here that really brings about the gravity of the situation for Isaac.

The Head Basher

As you walk down a dimly lit corridor, the thudding of a head bashing against reinforced glass wall becomes increasingly audible. What appears to be a crew member of the Ishimura, drenched in blood, is uncontrollably smashing their head against a wall. This scene certainly instills terror.

Isaac Trapped In Stasis With A Hunter Behind Him

The remake's fifth chapter has a significantly altered encounter with the villainous Dr. Mercer. Trapped under stasis, Isaac is left powerless and face-to-face with an infected Hunter Necromorph. Its presence adds an element of tension and fear.

Hazardous Anomaly Detected

Unpredictable waves of Necromorphs fill the Main Lab in the latter half of the chapter with dread and suspense. With the appearance of a hazardous anomaly, the biohazard signs turn on, piercing alarms fill the background and the horde of Necromorphs is unleashed.

First Encounter With A Twitcher

The first time you come across a Twitcher is an unsettling experience. These Necromorphs have stasis modules equipped on them, making them move fast and blurrily. With their superhuman speed and unhinged sounds, they fill you with terror.

The Infector Infestation

The Infestation is one of the most traumatic moments in the game. This room full of Infectors is not only terrifying, but utterly nauseating visually. The slimy, insect-like creatures aren’t just creepy, but also dangerous as they can quickly infect their victims and turn them into grotesque mutants.

Isaac's Mental Breakdown

As Isaac makes his way through the Ishimura, he slowly starts to unravel at the horror that's unfolding. His mental breakdown is one of the most emotionally charged scenes in the game, as he slowly begins to realize the true extent of the destruction around him.

Entering Dr. Mercer's Lab

Dr. Mercer's lab, a secret laboratory in the depths of the ship, is filled with an eerie atmosphere as you explore its secrets. With the presence of several Necromorphs lurking in the shadows, the lab's darkness and isolation make for some real harrowing moments.

Exploring The Asteroid Field

Dead Space opens with an unsettling sequence aboard a shuttle, as Isaac explores a pitch-black asteroid field. With minimal lighting, the starkness of the environment creates an overwhelming feeling of dread.

The Dark Field Zero-G Sequence

Another zero-gravity sequence that really brings out fear in the player is the Dark Field Zero-G sequence. As you make your way around this pitch-black area, illuminated only by the red light of danger signs and the flickering of distant flames, the sound of wailing Necromorphs echo throughout.

Ventilation Shaft Ambush

Players will have to brave a tight ventilation shaft containing a few nasty surprises. Caught off guard, this ambush leaves players with plenty of jump scares as they maneuver their way through the shaft while being pursued by deadly creatures.

First Encounter With the Pack

The Pack Necromorphs are some of the most dangerous enemies in Dead Space. As soon as they appear on the scene, tension is palpable with their eerie "screech" giving Isaac the chills.

High Pressure Hallway

Towards the later parts of the game, players come across a hallway leading to the Reactor Chamber under extremely high pressure. As the player attempts to navigate their way through, they'll encounter a variety of traps and dangerous enemies that can easily put an end to their progress.

The Dark Corridor

The dark corridor sequence is one of the scariest moments in the game. Your flashlight illuminates the way, but the darkness and sudden appearances of the necromorphs make it a perilous journey.

Sewer Chase

In a desperate attempt to escape the Ishimura, Isaac takes to the sewers. An intense chase scene unfurls as Isaac has to fight off clumps of Necromorphs while also avoiding blasts of steam and pooling acid.

Lurker Attack

Another moment of terror comes with the Lurker attack. As Isaac and his team silently traverse a hall, a Lurker appears and swipes out one of the crewmembers, leaving the others in shock.

The Final Showdown

The climax of the game sees Isaac face off against the monstrous Necromorph, the Hive Mind. This intense confrontation takes place in a powerful gravity chamber and involves a series of challenges that test Isaac's limits.

Power Outage

After successfully completing the Leviathan boss battle, Isaac and his team take the elevators to the escape pods. However, a sudden power outage engulfs them in darkness, and leaves them vulnerable to an unexpected ambush.

Dismembered Corpses Everywhere

One of the most unnerving aspects of Dead Space is the horrific sights of dismembered corpses everywhere. As Isaac traverses the dark corridors of the Ishimura, he's constantly met with gruesome visuals that stay with him throughout his journey.

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